I am literally obsessed with celebs – well that and makeup! Celebrity branding is bigger than it’s ever been.

Have you noticed how over time celebrities become a brand themselves? The Kardashians, Beyonce, Cheryl Cole/Tweedy/Fernandez Versini … these girls are not one thing they are many things.

All started with a dream – to be famous, successful and powerful.

They started small, baby steps, joining a band, starring in a reality show, then progressing into bigger ventures like clothes lines, perfume, fashion design, guest judges… crikey Kim Kardashian has built her own personal branding away from her sisters based on selfies!

The three things that have remained consistent throughout all of the journeys is this:

  1. They have attached themselves to other brands which is linked to their own beliefs and brand message. Take Cheryl Cole – she’s a female vocalist (some would argue about that!), it was a natural progression for her to become a judge on the XFactor. Through this her style and fashion has become very much her ‘thing’ – I only tune in to XFactor to see what she’s wearing that night! Cheryl’s gone on to develop a perfume and models for L’Oreal. It’s all on brand. She promotes beauty, fashion, music and femininity.
  1. Interlaced within that is her market – she consistently targets the same market – teens to twenty somethings and possibly a little bit above. She always keeps in mind her audience and her tribe. She’s built her very own presence and recently collaborated with Tinie Tempah – his target audience is the same as hers – clever right!
  1. Once she built a tribe, she’s kept them engaged. Through social media, all targetted at her demographic. She has 5.91 million followers! And she’s been the latest trending celeb on Twitter following her public announcement of her divorce announced recently.

So we can learn lots from celebrity branding. Know your tribe, attract them and keep them engaged.