What’s the difference between a Web designer and a Graphic designer?

Web designers are bright sparks who are both creative and technical, and can design the visual look of your website and then turn it into code like html, css or even a content management system to access online.

Web designers are brilliant at getting to grips with how people interact with a website, and what the key tasks you want them to perform when they are there.

For example, do you want your customers to contact you directly, buy something from your online store or sign up on opt-in pages.

A good web designer will talk you through the business requirements for your site before starting a design.

They will be able to advise on the best Content Management System (CMS) to use, which is just an interface like Word or Facebook which lets you update the content of your website or blog and gives you control of what you’re putting out there.

A good web designer will also have a good understanding of: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which is how to create content that will help your site appear higher on google; Usability, which is how easy it is for users to do what you need them to do on the site; and Accessibility, which means making sure the site is as accessible as possible to all users. For complex sites, a web designer might call upon the help of a Copy Writer, a Content Strategist, a Photographer, an SEO expert or a Web Developer.

A graphic designer (that’s me) designs your branding and all sorts of graphics and printed materials that you might require for your business. This might include your business cards and other stationery, magazine adverts, eBooks, Facebook Banners, leaflets, promo packs, banners, down to more unusual things like board games!

Graphic designers create work that has impact, is visually beautiful. A great graphic designer will take time to understand your brand and your customers before starting a new project with you. They want to know who your customers are and what makes them tick, what you think your brand personality is and what sets your business apart from the competitors.

This might seem like a lot of airy fairy questions to you, but if your designer fully understands your brand and your customers it will make a marked difference to your sales! As a Graphic designer we put our hearts into your project, trawling hundreds of fonts to find just the right one to complement the other elements and fusing over colour combinations to make your brand ping!

Sometimes a graphic designer will design a website page, like a sales page or lead page, they would then pass that graphic over in a usable format so that the web designer/developer can turn it into code.

So whilst a graphic designer uses print more and a web designer works online there are close links and sometimes crossovers between the two – they work in harmony together.