Visual Business Planning for Entrepreneurs

In this 32-min video masterclass and 45-workbook planner you’ll learn how to…

  • create and plan your business with visuals for entire year
  • tap into your customer’s head and target them profitably
  • create your marketing content & messaging with visuals
  • create a one page business/marketing game plan
  • goal set and how to actually smash those goals
  • ALL WITH VISUALS – it’s a visual business planning extravaganza
I designed this when I couldn’t find a planner that suited my business, so I design one myself that would take my business to the next level, simplify my goals and track them with ease. My messaging became clearer, I shared my gifts with joy and I reached my ideal clients over and over again. I also created this class having been asked so many time how I organised and plan my business. How I turn up consistently – well – I am showing you how in this masterclass. The workbook will allow you to create a business plan to increase your clarity, consistency and visibility in your brand easily, quickly and joyfully.
The great thing about my business planning system I designed, is that it’s flexible to suit you, it will get you to think about where your time is best spent, what is more cost-effective, where are the gaps in your business, what do you want to launch this year or diversify, how many customers do you need to sell your products/services to in order for you smash your income goal, how will you reach your income goal, where will you schedule in those goals… I lay it all out for you so that you can plan with ease, with joy and with clarity.
Business planner vicki nicolson
business planner with visuals

I am so excited about being able to help you be the best you can be in your business and help you plan your business like a boss – with no stress, no hassle and no second guessing yourself. I want you to succeed. I want you to launch the course you’ve been sitting on for ages, I want you to be able to work out exactly how many customers you need through the door every month to smash your income goal, and most importantly I want you to love your business, focus on what’s important to you and be able to reach out to your customers with focus and joy. 

Right now you’re probably sitting on a whole stacks of notes, scattered everywhere, thinking about designing a new course or launching a product line or service. That’s why this is so right for you, that’s why I get excited about being able to help you be the best you can be in your business and help you plan like the star that you are – with no stress, no hassle and no second guessing yourself.

What’s inside the Visualise Your Business Planner and Course? 

It’s an easy to follow 32-min masterclass and interactive 45-page workbook to fill out and follow the masterclass at the same time – so you can type into the PDF – brilliant as you can update as and when you want, chop and change anything and save til your heart’s content – and the ace thing is – it works year on year.

  • 45-page interactive workbook planner to fill out – type directly into the PDF – chop and change as you please, update when you want to, change your targets, update your goals, ticks stuff off as you smash each goal.
  • 32-minute masterclass with me that gives you a complete hand guided tour of exactly how to fill out the planner. Stop and pause, come back to it, do it all at once… I’ll be there with you as you fill it all out.

Class and planner are designed for…

  • entrepreneurs
  • business owners
  • coaches
  • virtual assistants
  • creatives

How to plan, strategise and market your business with joy, ease and clarity – all with visuals. I show you how to create a one page business vision that will allow you to set achievable goals, tap into how you feel about your business, tap into your customers needs and wants and how to create a business you can be proud of.

business planner
business planner and video masterclass
Ideal for you if you are a business owner and feel you may have strayed from the path a little – this will put you right back on track! It’s a class you can come back to every month, 6-months or year to help you increase your profits, nail your messaging and get consistent in your business to grow your brand. 

The course includes a video masterclass (32 mins) and interactive fillable workbook (45 page). 

This is your chance to evaluate your business model, make decisions about what goals you want to set, create new packages and prices in your business, introduce new products, launch new courses and get back on track – to think bigger and create a one page business plan that’s so easy and simple to use and stick to.

You will make massive progress when everything becomes so much clearer. My planner and masterclass enables you to gain real focus and be intentional about your actions – tracking and smashing the goals as you go. 

You’re going to have so much fun creating too. 

If you want to reach your ideal clients, have them hear, see and feel you, move with intention and transform your customer messaging, all the while reaching and smashing your goals, do not miss out… hit the buy now button to start your business transformation TODAY…