Your visual brand and brand words are the biggest power couple in your business – but do you know why?


You know the importance of your visual brand; it helps you stand out, it makes your business recognisable, it helps you create a theme through everything in your marketing, but is that all you need to think about when you’re marketing what you do?


Yes, your visual brand is so important, but so are the brand words you use and when you use them together, they can bring power to your marketing and help you create a successful business that stands out and shines in amongst the competition.

What do I mean when I talk about your brand words? This is your copy and as a copy writer, I am slightly obsessed by them, but they really are the foundation on which your business is built.

Your website, your emails, your social media posts, the titles for your videos, your free resources and how you sell what you do, all comes from the words you use. You need those words to connect, to show people why they need what you do and make them choose your business out of all the ones out there.

When you get your words right, you can see your business be transformed (as well as your profits!).

But when you combine your brand and your copy together you get fireworks and here is how

Your visual brand can inspire your brand words (vice versa)

When you look at your brand what words does it bring to mind? What things do you want your brand to say to your customers? What words inspired your brand? You can use these words in your copy, so that the consistency your brand creates in your visuals continues into to the message you’re writing.


Your visual brand can breathe new life into your brand words

You don’t want your brand to be bright, vibrant, exciting and friendly, but your words are serious, formal, bland and missing your flare and personality. Customers crave consistency, so if you use your brand to help you consider the types of copy you want to write, then you will create that consistency and make people desperate to choose your business.


Your visual brand makes then stop scrolling, but your brand words make them buy

You want paying customers and you deserve them, because you are awesome. You can have the best brand in the world, but it’s your words that make people say yes to spending money with you. Your brand and imagery are what stop people scrolling through their social media timeline, but it’s your words that connect, that showcase what you do, that lead them where you want them to go and get them to click that ‘buy now’ button.


To round up…

So, when you’re investing in your visual branding think about how it will work with your copy and use one to inspire the other. I promise, they really as the power couple that will transform your marketing and make your business so much easier.

Visual brand and brand words – it’s a marriage made in heaven – just like Barack and Michelle – the ultimate power couple.



Sarah Baker is a copy writer and you can find out more about how she can help you with your words, by creating you content that connects and converts, over on her website


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