“Should I use my own name for my brand name and business or an actual business name?”

I’m a branding coach/stylist. I use my name combined with a description of what I do. So I’m Vicki Nicolson – Brand Creative.

I use my own name to differentiate myself as me. I don’t outsource anything and do it all myself.

It’s a personal service so for me it made sense.

Using your own name makes you unique unless someone else has a same/similar name but it can build your credibility quicker – get your name out there everywhere!

If the marketplace you work in is overcrowded your name can be key when making you stand out from the crowd.

Also putting your name to your business makes you look passionate. You love it so god damn much you put your name to it!

I work with many women who often struggle when it comes to sticking their name in their brand but once they do they really start believing in themselves and their business.

Quite often it comes down to lack of confidence and a visibility issue for them.

On the flip side, the reasons people don’t use their name is because of simple reasons like, it’s difficult to spell, it doesn’t describe what I do or my name is too long.

There are no rights or wrongs but try to keep it simple. Make it easy to spell. Make it relevant and more importantly don’t make it offensive.

Hope this helps!