As a creative business entrepreneur, over-time, you’ll develop habits that you will use throughout your business to generate your ideas.

Woooow – wait – but you’re not creative I hear you say!

I guarantee you are and can’t wait to share my daily habits to help you tap into your creativity

Even if you don’t see yourself as a creative. You a creative. So that include coaches, artists, holistic therapists, designers, yoga instructors, public speakers, spiritual healers, I mean I could go on – you are a creative. That’s it – you are.

Maybe you really struggle with being creative or generating ideas for your business.

Today I’m going to share with you my top 4 daily habits to help you tap into your creativity. This will help you tune into your creativity – no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing – and if you are in a creative funk right now, and can’t get out of it, then this is really going to help you unleash the creative beast within – cause it’s in there, you’ve just got to set it free.

Here are my top 4 daily habits to help you tap into your creativity…


Meditation for me is like creative time out from my business. I time to switch off and connect with my inner self.

Meditation is a unique tool that can truly set you mind free and will help you to gain clarity and reframe any problems – this sounds so flippant as I type – but trust me – it works.

I personally meditate first thing in the morning and last thing at night and have been doing this for around two years.

“But I’ve tried meditation and it just doesn’t work for me!”

I heard ya – believe me – I was the same a couple of years ago. It was tough in the beginning. Talk about bumpy ride. My mind wandered here there and everywhere. I just couldn’t switch off.

I have one of the brains that wanders and then comes back and then wanders and then comes back – and over time – it started to wander less and less.

If you are new to meditation and struggle to silence the mind chatter, my one big tip for you – try a guided meditation. There are heaps of free guided meditations on YouTube.

Meditations on focus, clarity, relaxing, manifestations, headaches, relationships – I mean EVERYTHING!

When you start at first you’ll have lots of ideas floating around. But over time, that’s the key word there, time, you will have less and less day-to-day mind chatter. Slowly but surely, as you do this more and more and make it your daily practise, your mind will clear, you’ll have visions, ideas will pop in, you’ll start to see things in a different light plus the biggest thing – you’ll be more calm.

And try your meditation with headphones on – that works wonders for me and was a game changer.

The upside of meditation is that you’ll get ideas and inspiration dropping in on a regular basis – it becomes a beautiful by-product of meditation – it creates more space and ideas to simply drop in when you most need them – you never have to go on a treasure hunt again – ideas come more naturally.

Meditation allows you to tune into your creativity, tapping into that little spark. That’s what this is all about – sparks of thought and moments of inspiration.


Journaling daily is a habit I have only actually gotten into in the last 18 months or so, and it’s now become my go-to for everything.

And I mean it, I write everything down. From ideas, course layouts, affirmations, to do lists, feelings – I mean I could just write and write most days.

For a creative like me, and actually, I have always had a busy and super creative mind, it sets me free, empties my head and has made my last year (it took me around six months to start seeing results) in my business even more successful that before – and overall I feel much healthier within my well-being. And I actually combine a bit of journaling and doodling together.

Top 4 daily habits to help you tap into your creativity

The benefits of journaling are ten-fold:

  • helps you sleep better
  • captures all your ideas
  • gives you time to reflect on the days past or to come
  • allows you to scope out any ideas you have in a more free-spirited way ( there are no rights and wrongs in journaling)
  • banishes any negativity
  • releases any burden of worry you have floating about in your head
  • allows you celebrate the positives
  • set goals
  • feel grateful
  • helps to manifest your desires – when written out, it’s like you take the intangible to the tangible – it will happen

I write whatever comes to mind whenever I feel I need to – and that’s it. There are no rules, no guidelines. Just you, the page and your thoughts and feelings.

Combining both journaling with meditation is the creative fusion for tuning into your creativity – it’s like the fuel to light your inner fire.

To read more on how I journal for business success, pop over to my blog to read: Journaling for Business Success – 11 Reasons to Start Journaling TODAY


The best form of creativity that I have found throughout my business is walking.

Taking myself out and going for a walk.

I get my best ideas when I’m on the school run.

On the return walk, when I’m by myself, I get my best ideas. Also when I am hanging out the washing too or hoovering! Those ideas are always the BEST ideas!

Why is that?

Well because you’re tuning out rather than in – and whilst that sounds a bit backwards – you are just Being rather than forcing it to be.

And what do I do with those ideas?

I write them down in my journal – all my ideas captured in one place.

I remember one morning I had this great idea for a business. I came back and I bought the domain name. Just like that. I was like, “I love that name. I have to buy it.”

Walking also combined with walking meditations – headphones on walking, are incredibly powerful at activating the flow to allow more creativity in.

I recommend at least one walk a week – that’s all it needs. Fresh air. Clear head.


Doodling and sketching is one of the most relaxing things that I love to do – it becomes hypnotic at times. It allows you to express yourself in a creative outlet you maybe haven’t considered before.

And hear this – you do not have to be a great artist – if it sucks – who cares – I am talking here about doodling – you know what you probably do when you on hold to the insurance company? That kind of doodling.

Pen in hand and doodle anything. Or words. Or phrases. Repeat patterns.

Top 4 daily habits to help you tap into your creativity

A blank page can be a little daunting so try drawing circles or squares on the page and start doodling within them or change them into something else – so a square could become a box, what’s inside the box? Star flying out? And that will lead to something else and you are off.

We aren’t looking for a great work of art here, what we are doing is just getting into the flow of zoning out and letting the mind wander a bit.

Do you remember when you were little and you would day dream? When was the last time you did that?

Doodling allows you to dream a little bigger, zone out and relax.

You will be amazed at how many ideas will just pop in to you head as you’ve zoned out.

It’s so therapeutic and relaxing.

It allows you to have time off from what you’re doing and switch off from the day to day businessy stuff and allows you to STOP trying to solve a problem – you go from being consciously trying to solve a problem to allowing your subconscious to take over and solve it for you.

I have found the main benefit of doodling, is that I can really help the mood levels – it makes me feel joyful

It really is it’s own form of meditation and really improves your focus too.

BONUS – if you love doing this and you create great doodles, you can then use them in the marketing of your business for social posts, behind the scenes stuff – genius!

To Sum Up…

These are my top 4 daily habits to help you tap into your creativity. These have worked great for me and help me generate unique ideas for posts, videos and courses in my business – personal life – it’s endless for me now that I know these four things work for me.

I promise these will creatively set you free and allow you to tune into your intuition, to set that little spark off inside.

I totally recommend rereading your notebooks and journals, moving away from your desk and going for a walk (take your phone for notes if you get ideas on the go), and if you spend a whole day out of your business, don’t see it as a wasted day – it’s good for the mind, body and soul.

And if you can’t get into meditation just yet, don’t worry it will come. Try some on the move meditations to start reprogramming how you feel and think.

And remember, if anything, your one big take away from this… you can’t sit at your desk day in day out and expect inspiration to flow every day – “if you always do the same, you always get the same.” – wise words from my beautiful wee mum.

Have you tried doodling, journaling and meditation before?

We’ve all been walking, but have you tried some on the go meditations before?

What are the other habits that help you tap into your creativity, leave a comment below.

Vicki x

top 4 daily habits to help you tap into your creativity