vicki nicolson

Perfect for you if: 

  • You require new fresh designs for a new program you’re launching 
  • Have a member site that requires new workbooks, graphics, and webinars every month 
  • You want peace of mind knowing that you have paid for the work and you can tap into your hours when you need them most 
  • You are super busy and don’t have the time to create your designs 
  • Have an event coming up and you need pop up banners, promo material, or merchandise 

What’s Included… 

  • 10 hours of design at a discounted hourly rate. Lasts for 6 months
  • Unlimited purchases 
  • New images, templates, email footers, social media templates, updated Facebook cover, Twitter cover, Pin template, ebook design, tweaks to what you already have 
  • New icons for an upcoming program, you may also need workbooks, sales promotions and Facebook adverts designed for it too 
  • We’re not talking a full rebrand, but some freshening up of your products or new program assets
  •  Email with your questions
  • Access to me, my expertise and professional design work