Sophia and I go wayyyyyyy back. I have know Sophia since 2004 when we worked together as sub-editors on a newspaper in Cyprus. Sophia has a stunning brand and on my return to the UK, she let me get my hands on it. There is not one bit of Sophia’s business I haven’t been involved with. From advertising, memes, templates, opt-in pages, sales pages, ebooks and even colouring in books, we have built her brand together, slowly but surely, and she has an amazing following. Sophia’s brand is all about tranquillity, confidence and belief. In all the design work we do together, I ensure that this message is reflected consistently.

I first worked alongside Vicki in Cyprus more than ten years ago so she’s also a much loved friend. Since then she’s wowed me with graphics and brand expertise for my coaching and mentoring business. She has a stunning ability to ask just a few questions and then produce exactly what I need even though I didn’t have the words to articulate it. Her work is outstanding quality, highly versatile and her turnaround time is brilliant. She’s intuitive, professional and down to earth. She’ll always be my go to graphics guru.