Sharon is a hugely successful Direct Sales mentor, and drives a team of 3,000 people. WOWSERS! Sharon is branching out in the UK and her goal is to be the number one Direct Sales Coach in the UK. She is an inspiration. Sharon approached me to brand her. Sharon needed a full spectrum branding package which included logo design, mood boards, business cards, bespoke branding template for social media, letterheads, Facebook headers and email newsletter header and footers for Mailchimp. Sharon’s branding reflects Sharon – vibrant, motivated and highly engaging.

I was attracted firstly to Vicki via her Facebook presence and how she conducted herself as a professional and knew what she were talking about (and had a fab freebie). So many graphic designers  just post images of business cards and logo design, but you actually focused on branding and that’s what I needed and liked, and your work was brilliant