We launched Karen Dempsey’s logo for her beautiful business Rev. Karen Dempsey- The Bald Priestess last year but Karen is now a Reverend! So a wee logo update was most definitely required!  Karen’s new branding truly reflects the beauty of Karen, her heritage and her vision for her business. Luxurious, brilliant, gentle, soft, engaging and welcoming. So I welcome you to Karen’s new brand… sigh….

I initially found Vicki through the referral of Sophia, and I liked Vicki’s interaction with her Facebook group. The main attraction for me was that she said she was really invested in getting it right, and I believed her. I’ve had one other branding experience before, and I felt invisible. The designer didn’t get me, (she sent me bunting!). The revisions were pretty much the same, so it was a complete waste of time and money. I just had a feeling that Vicki would ‘get’ it anyway- and I was right! In a nutshell – confidence that she’d REALLY listen.