Logo, icons, moodboard. business cards, memes, lots of headers and footers, webinar template for Claire’s gorgeous business. This is Claire’s new brand for her business Remote Admin Services – with Claire. When it comes together beautifully – it’s a feeling of pride and a feeling of “YES THIS IS ME.” Claire you are looking fabulous! Claire fancied an icon based logo – something that she could use as a separate part of her business. Icons that she could use on everything as things like bullet points, to place a quote in or use just as little stand alone entities. Claire has now got four! To signify she works remotely we used a cloud as well as a wifi symbol. The @ symbol above the letter i in Admin symbolises the letter @ for Admin and emails as well as social symbol (i.e. @Claire Bourke) and we used a cog above the letter i in Service to symbolise the work she performs and services. Ta dah! Logos can be clever – simple but clever.