Fay was a little lost in terms of introducing colours into her brand. She already had a beautiful logo, but was struggling with other elements she needed for her business – for marketing, presentations and social media for her Bright Sky HR business. Now Fay has biz cards, presentation templates, ebook templates, headers and footers for her newsletters, Facebook banner, Twitter Banner, LinkedIn banner, brand guidelines, meme templates – phew – I think that’s it all! And Fay feels fabulous about her branding, “I’m just looking through all of the work you have done for me. I am trying not to cry… it is just wonderful. Thank you so much. I’m blinking back tears while I write this.” Your brand is sooooooo important – it has a massive impact on how you feel about your business and when you look incredible – you can NOT wait to share it everywhere. That’s the difference a brand makes!