OH MY GOODNESS – CAN YOU CONTAIN YOURSELF?! How much gorgeousness can you put on an image board!? I want to introduce you to Natalie’s new branding for her membership club – A Hive of Productivity for Natalie’s overall brand All In Good Time, which Natalie and I worked together on around a year ago – and then a few months ago Natalie approached me to develop a whole new brand – but based on Natalie’s current brand for her All In Good Time. My idea to use Natalie’s logo but tweaking that to represent little bees (clock bees!) was something that came up when we started chatting and I could not wait to design these! So Natalie has a main logo for her membership site now and then with Natalie’s business idea I then went on to design lots of little icons for her work books and her website and these gorgeous elements can now be used within her whole marketing of the membership site. I am sure you will agree how gorgeous these are!