My premade branding and logo kits have been designed with you in mind – it’s literally like a brand in a box and you’ll feel like you’ve been Magically Branded. You’ll be able to download, brand yourself, launch and go! YAY!  

My kits include everything you need to brand your business. And you can easily mix and match all the elements to create your own unique brand. 

As a branding designer, I know that there are thousands of passionate entrepreneurs out there who want to jumpstart their businesses, stand out from the crowd and start attracting more customers with a beautifully professional brand. My Magically Branded design kits will allow you to do just that and give you total control over your brand too.

Premade branding kits are brilliant: 

  • For start-ups 
  • For creatives who love to create but branding and logo design is not your thing 
  • If you have a limited branding and logo budget 
  • If you like changing your brand – nothing wrong with that! 
  • If you want to create a logo and brand yourself but you have no idea where to start 
  • If you want to kick-start your creative juices 
  • If you’re maybe a little introverted and struggle in the communication and explanation department – it can be difficult even for extroverts to explain themselves too 
  • If you wanna start TODAY! 
  • As they’re designed by professional graphic designers – like me – so you’ll look like a pro 
  • If you don’t have fancy graphic design software like Photoshop and Illustrator 
  • If you can already use Canva or Picmonkey or even PowerPoint 

Visual Branding really is quite simple, what colours are you attracted too, what is the personality of your brand (excited, calm, supportive, strong, bold, intuitive… insert what your brand is to be), what fonts do I like… oh but then you get lost online and spend a whole day wasted swooning over every font and become totally confused. 

BUT what if someone gave you the solution? 

A professionally designed premade brand kit that outlined your fonts, colours – better still HEX codes, imagery, tons of mix and match elements to personalise and create your own brand on your own terms – and you could start today. 

So what’s included in the premade branding logo kits?
  • Loads of Mix and Match Logo Elements and Icons: from high resolution to low resolution so you can use on your website or have them printed on brochures etc. In this kit for the health and well-being market, there are 85 mix and match elements!
  • Files in PNG – with a transparent background, preferable for online but can be used offline too
  • Files in JPEG – with a solid white background, to use off and online, better for print
  • Facebook Banner Designs (optimized for mobile phone viewing)
  • Twitter Banner Designs
  • Meme Template Designs – to use on for inspirational quotes for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Moodboard – outlining the look and feel for your brand, HEX colour codes, listed fonts for logo, suggested fonts for other marketing materials and website etc.
  • Some have letterhead templates too
  • Some kits have extra gradients
  • Some kits have bonus watercolours
  • Other kits have loads of other bonus elements
  • Each kit really is a unique, professionally designed brand by me
  • Just to note – no sample text is supplied with the files as you can add you own text easily using a free online design tool like Canva
  • And you don’t need to stick to the fonts I’ve suggested either – you can choose one you already have bought, you can buy one or you can download for free from Font Squirrel or DaFont, making sure you select the 100% free option.
So what’s the difference between premade branding and logo kits and working 1-2-1 with me on a branding package?

Well, a premade branding and logo kit is just that. It designed by me using my creativity following no brief.  All you have to do from a client perspective is choose a kit, download, and create and design something wonderful yourself using software like PowerPoint, Canva or Picmonkey. You are the one that personalises the kit.

On the other hand when working 1-2-1 with me – that’s what it’s about, it’s about creating something which includes you, it’s custom made, it’s unique to you, and you are involved throughout the whole process. From inspirational brand identity to timeless logo design and much more. I do way more than design. I spend time with you. We work together to brand your full business. I create and design a tailored, one of a kind, brand that will literally transform how you look and how you feel about your business. It’s about revisions, tweaking your brand as we go, discovery calls, feedback, finding out your likes and dislikes, the vision for your brand, working together as a team to design the whole brand – and all created from the beginning with you right there, with me, working as a team.

How many times will the premade branding kit be sold?

It will be sold multiple times.  But if you want you can have sole rights to one of your kits BUT only if it’s never been sold before. You can  contact me to discuss this.

Once I download the premade branding and logo kit, then what?

Within the graphics kit; all files are in JPG and PNG image files and can be used with free online programs such as Canva and PicMonkey.

If you want to learn how to use Canva confidently and with ease then you can purchase my Create in Canva with Confidence course  to show you how to use your new branding kit to create your personal logo, add HEX codes, fonts, save your images and create eye-catching ebooks, FB ads, mockups.

Showing you what file types to use for what, what font combinations work, how to install fonts, plus a whole section on logo design too.

And the best part is you will get my Create in Canva with Confidence course for half price (£19.50 /$25) when you use the coupon within the kit download.

Or grab my free Canva course to find out how to get started to personalize your brand kit.

In this mini masterclass, I show you how to design your beautiful content for your brand all with the help of a free and simple tool – Canva! How to add jumpstart and dig in to your designs so you’re always consistent and always on brand.

Are fonts and stock photography included in the kits?

No stock photography is supplied with the kit but you can download images  which are 100% commercial free.

There are no fonts included in the kit either (for licensing reasons). All fonts used in the kits are 100% commercial free and can be found here:

You’ll see I’ve thought of everything for you. So if you are  just starting up, have a limited budget, want a gorgeous brand and logo now, want to be in control of your brand, want to feel pride in your business and you want to look like a pro instantly then come visit the shop and remember to follow me as I will be  adding new products all the time.