9 easy ways to increase customer loyalty

How do you keep your customers engaged via email marketing so they don’t unsubscribe? It’s a great question and all comes down to how you increase customer loyalty.

1. Listen to what they are asking you. Write down the question you get asked all the time. Mine: How to stand out from the crowd? How to be consistent? What images should I use to depict my brand? Plus tons more. I make a note of all of these questions and then I use them in my content. Create small tips for them in your newsletter – things they can implement themselves quickly and easily.

2. Research is KING! What are people asking on certain platforms? Listen to what they are also asking. Take notes what people struggle with within groups and write content based on that. Search Twitter, Insta… then write about them and stick them in your newsletter.

3. Hashtags: What are people using as a hashtag? I know what my hashtags are for my business and I use this to my advantage. If they are looking for a graphic designer, why pick me? Who are my tribe and what are they posting? Create content to make it easy for them to decide… I’ve written a blog all about how to pick a graphic designer… I’m helping them to decide. I’m giving them free information with no expectation of anything in return. What are your tribe asking about? See what they are chatting about and write for those people.

4. Speak to them: The opening line on my website: “Hello! Did you know that I’m a mind reader? Let me show you…I think you’re suffering from boring brand-itis. Your branding design is bland and doesn’t stand out from the crowd. It definitely doesn’t do you any favours. You want a brand that is GORGEOUS and VIBRANT – something that says YOU! How am I doing so far?” Talk directly to them and do the same in your newsletter.

5. Ask them – Want to increase customer loyalty? Show that you care! Ask your subscribers what interests them the most – just ask!

6. Search for other blog posts and see what others are writing about, what gets the most engagement? Use your competitors – sorry you don’t have competitors right? Check others in the same field as you! Have a look at their sites and see what content gets the most engagement.

7. What comes into your Inbox – I get loads of enquiries about issues and problems – cold enquiries too – not clients I am working with at the moment – take note of what they are asking you.

8. List some of the best podcast titles you see which are the most popular. This will really help with topic ideas.

9. Get inspired: Be inspired by everything that is around you. I went to a tourist attraction and I was inspired to write this: Are you thinking of your brand as the must see tourist attraction?

Finally – what you have to remember is you are writing content for them. So write out topics, work out what type of content it will be, like a blog, newsletter, quote, infographic, case study, how to, top tips THEN create a captivating descriptive headline.

Ta dah!

Hope this helps!