Juggling all the things we have to get done in our business seems hard enough sometimes but when you throw into the mix a major life event such as moving house things can very quickly feel like they are spiralling out of control. So, how can you use a Virtual Assistant to organise your small business?

When Vicki told me she was about to make an exciting move into a beautiful new home we started to put some things into place ahead of time to help support Vicki and her wonderful business whilst she took some much needed time off to allow her to focus on getting everything in order in time for the ‘big move’

Catch up call

Vicki and I have known each other for a long time, although we only met in person for the first time earlier this year – how amazing is the internet that friendships can develop whilst people are hundreds of miles apart.

This made this bit super easy for us, everything I do for Vicki is centered around creating ease and flow in her biz so this is what the catch-up call was focused on. How could we create even more ease in her biz for a few weeks whilst she was busy packing up her old house, dealing with solicitors etc for her new house, organising all the stuff you need when you move such as dealing with WiFi etc so that she can hit the ground running when she moves into her dream home?

Staying on top of social

Vicki loves to be social on her page and in her group and usually posts organically throughout the day when she sees or feels the need to share something fabulous.

But, obviously this was not going to work whilst she was in the throes of moving so we popped a plan together to repurpose some of the amazing content she already has into new posts and using her evergreen content too.

Milanote has an amazing social calendar template, so I adapted this with Vicki’s goals and focus points for the weeks she will be out of her biz and made a start pulling all of that together. Once Vicki had cast her eye over everything it was then scheduled in.

The amazing group that Vicki runs to support her Bootcamp members is also uber important to Vicki so we agreed that I would do a spot of community management in the group too. Answering questions, signposting people to things, dealing with any membership enquiries etc thus leaving Vicki safe in the knowledge that she was covered from a social media point of view.


Vicki regularly blogs, and totally loves sharing all her knowledge with her crowd. But, this was something else we had to look at whilst she was taking time off, especially as at the time we spoke she had no idea how long she would be without WiFi for. So, in the interests of ease and flow, we asked for some guest blogs to be written so that those that follow Vicki’s blog would not be without any new content for two weeks.

Guest blogs are a great way to still stay in touch with your followers but with someone else’s content which also, in turn, promotes their platforms and knowledge too – win-win I would say!


To keep everything as easy as possible we decided that these would be filled with value from some of the repurposed content and the guest blogs that were going to be scheduled in.

Some people really shy away from repurposing content because they feel that if they are not creating new content all the time they are in some way doing their followers a disservice!

Not the case! Think about how many people will have seen that social media post, blog or video before – repurposing content is the sensible thing to do if you don’t wish to be on the hamster wheel of creation mode all the time!

To Round Up…

Now whilst all the things I have listed are not massive projects in themselves just by implementing them ahead of time really took the strain off Vicki and helped her to feel in touch with her business whilst taking time off to deal with what is important to her now which is moving house!

Vicki will be able to return to her business refreshed and ready to focus on her biz again when she returns to her brand new office in a few weeks time (which will be as beautiful as she is, because as we know she is all about designing amazing things).

This has been How to Use a Virtual Assistant to Organise Your Small Business – how do you organise yours when you aren’t around? Do you have a Virtual Assistant?

How to Use a Virtual Assistant to Organise Your Small Business

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