“How do I order a premade logo from your small business logo shop Vicki?”

It’s something I’ve been asked a few times. Today I am going to show you how easy it is to order your logo from my small business logo shop.

The Idea Behind the Logo Shop

It suddenly dawned on me about six months ago that I literally have hundreds of logos that I have created that need a home – or business if you like!

To say that I love creating and designing is an understatement. I get so excited designing the logos in my shop and even more excited that I can help you in even more ways to design a beautiful and captivating business, especially if you are branding on a limited budget.

There’s lots of different styles, colours and specific industry logos to choose from.

So if you’re a photographer, a business coach or a holistic therapist – there is something for everyone.

Super-fast Turn Around

This is a perfect way to brand your business quickly and on a budget. You can browse the logos that are ready for purchase NOW.

It might be that you’re just starting up and really want to work with me but your budget just won’t stretch that far. And with website building, a coach, marketing or maybe even stock to buy, there is a very limited budget there for your branding left.

And me oh my – you really want a brand TODAY.

Well this is your no brainer branding solution because it’s delivered to you in 48 hours.

What’s not to love? And it means you can show up, get visible within your business, look professional and start doing business.

How to Order

1.First of all we head to the website here>>> vickinicolson.com

2. Then click SHOP along the top navigation menu

3. Once on this page you will see it opens up a magical land of clickable icons where lots of goodies can be purchased. You can buy logos from the logo shop, printables, Instagram grids, and pre-made kits

4. Click the Logo Shop Icon or View Shop Button to take you to the small business logo shop

Small Business Logo Shop

5. Ta Dah – grab a cuppa and let’s have a browse…

6. Find a logo you love the look of? Great, now click on that logo.

Ying & Yang Watercolor Logo

7. You will then be taken to that logo where you can magnify it to inspect it up close You can also view the several mock up images to see what it looks on different platforms, on a mug of even on your clothing… like this…

Ying & Yang Hoodie Logo

8. If you decide this is the logo for you simply enter your business name into the Business Name/Heading Field

How to order your one of a kind logo

9. And if you have one – you may not – add your Subtitle Text in to the field. This could be your tagline or even list what you do

10. Once you have checked the spelling then there are two options

11. Buy Now – Stripe (the payment gateway for processing payments, similar to PayPal) will pop a new window up and ask how you want to pay – if your computer is set to process your payments and auto saves your card details you can select choose and then pop through the payment system that way or….

Pay for your one of a kind logo

12. Hit Add to Basket. Once added, you will be taken to your basket and to checkout. That logo is the only one available so it now becomes out of stock.

Checkout one of kind logo

13. Under that order are two options again… Buy Now – Stripe (the payment gateway for processing payments, similar to PayPal) will pop a new window up and ask how you want to pay – if your computer is set to process your payments and auto saves your card details you can select choose and then pop through the payment system that way or…. click proceed to checkout…

proceed to checkout your one of kind logo

14. On the new screen just pop all your details into the fields and Click “Place Order”

15. Woo hoo – your order will wing it’s way to me through the wonders of the internet.

What Happens Next?

  1. Your order lands into my inbox where I review your order
  2. Within 24 hours I personalize your logo with your details you input in the business title and tagline fields when you processed your order
  3. I pop the logo back to you for approval
  4. You have ONE more revision if you would like a change to a name or the change to tagline included in the design
  5. Once final approval has been made in writing by yourself I then convert your logo for you to use on and offline
  6. I pop your files in a Dropbox folder and send you a link for you to easily access and download a full copy to your computer

What do I get, is it just a logo?

I did say it was a brand to go, and it really is. Here’s what’s included

1.Logos supplied in all formats and colourways:

  • CMYK for offline printing
  • RGB for on screen marketing
  • On and offline files: EPS, PNG, JPG & PDF

2. Style Guide outlining all your colours used within your logo (HEX codes) and fonts used

3. Any standalone elements uses with in your logo such as icons (mandala, heart, stars) and perhaps watercolour files too – if your logo has those. You can use these for things like little bullet points or you can use it as a little overlay on social posts etc – the possibilities are endless

4. File Types Guide Ebook explaining what each file type is and how and where to use them

5. Mood Board/Style Guide Ebook outlining how to you use your style guide as well as an explanation of the different colourways of your files (RGB & CMYK) and what the different sizes of files (dpi) are and when and how to use those too

Who are the logos for?

There is something in the premade logo shop for everyone.

Therapists, NLP practitioners, beautician, life coaches, accountants, photographers, yoga instructors or bridal coaches – I have covered them all.

And there are logos for business coaches, retail shops or nurseries, and white witches and tarot card readers to, there are so many different styles in the logo shop!


Will my name and tagline fit?

“But what happens if my name is too long or my tagline is too long?”

Not to worry – I will make sure that your name fits perfectly and aligns with your purchased logo.

Everything is designed bespoke based on the layout of the logo and then I work my design magic to ensure your name looks it’s very very best. If you have short name – I also do the same too. I make it all fit and look crisp, slick and professional.


What will my style guide look like?

It will look exactly like this one here that I did for Karen Dyer who recently purchase on the logos from the small business logo shop…

Karen Dyer Style Guide

It outlines everything you need to know to get you started and to design other parts of your business, like your social media banners, social posts and marketing materials.

How can I style out the rest of my brand?

If you haven’t heard of Canva before then it’s an online graphic design tool. They do a free and paid for version (£10 a month).

It’s a genius online too and you can use it to create all the other graphics for your business on a budget.

There are hundreds of pre-designed templates for you to choose from and each set of templates is split into categories so you can design all the graphics for your business including, ebooks, PDFs, mock-ups, presentations, Facebook adverts, inspirational quotes, social media banners, posters, postcards, infographics – you name it they have it!

And did you know I’m a Canva Certified Creative – I’m a Canva brand ambassador if you like.

Canva Certified Creative

I have designed an online course, Create in Canva with Confidence, to show you how easy it is to create beautiful designs confidently with Canva. And it’s more than a Canva course because I also show you how to font match, choose imagery to match your content as well as create eye catching ebooks and how to save your images for maximum quality.

create in canva with confidence course


Final note…

So there you have it – how to order a grab and go brand from the small business logo shop in just a few simple steps.

Have a browse, see what you like, and if nothing takes your fancy right now, come back every week to see what new logos have been added, because the shop is updated every week – yup – every week!

Have fun browsing and if you’ve got any questions at all, just ask.

What logo types would you like to see in the shop, leave a comment below to let me know.

Vicki x