If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll know my passion and excitement for The Happy Planner, which is an epic business planner that has helped me massively in terms of exploring how creatively I can run my business.

The Happy Planner for me is a game changer in how I organise myself, explore ideas, scope out courses and new products and everything I want to achieve from my business.

It got me thinking about how similar a good business planner is to my premade logo shop and what it can do for your business.

Today I want to share how my premade logos, which you can purchase from my premade logo shop, are exactly like my beautiful Happy Planner.

Confused? No need to be… let me explain how…

Makes You Feel In Control

Just like The Happy Planner, my premade logos will make you feel like you’re in control of your business.

Every logo I design comes with a set of Style Guidelines, outlining your fonts, HEX codes (colour codes) and elements from your logo.

In addition, you receive variations of your logo and in different colourways and in many different file types, which is what you require when you want to use on and offline.

This will make you feel in control of your branding. You have no idea how many people I have had to redraw their logos for.

This is due to the fact that they’ve either had it designed by a friend, or designed on Fiverr where the logo comes in one standard file type.

With me, you get everything you need right now to feel in control and brand your business effortlessly, knowing what you look and feel like from the start – this is exactly how The Happy Planner makes you feel too – I scope my business out in The Happy Planner – checking my goals, making sure I am in control of all my business!

Helps to Grow Your Business

As you grow your business, things change. What happens if you want to exhibit so you require a pop-up banner? Or you would like your logo embroidered on a t-shirt for your staff?

Buying a logo from the premade Logo Shop you get everything you need to grow into your business – so if you want to have your logo printed or embroidered on to a t-shirt then you can and the same goes if you want to add it to a billboard – also possible. No need for a graphic designer to redesign or redraw down the line – you get all the files NOW so you can grow into your business.

Much like the Happy Planner – I can check out all my ideas and my goals to aid me to grow my business. Reflecting back on my goals and my to-do lists enable me to grow my ideas and generate inspiration from those.

Enables You to Show Up Consistently

I map out all my ideas and plans for my social media presence as well as my video and blog ideas too, doing this allows me to create threads of similar content so I share my messaging consistently with my customers.

I tick those tasks and ideas off the list as soon as they are completed from my Happy Planner.

Much like purchasing a logo from my shop, it allows you to place it on all of your marketing materials consistently. Make a list of the places you place your logo and stick to it.

Consider placing your logo in a similar consistent place every post and try to set a minimum size for your logo.

Creating a great set of templates so you can use over and over again this will help you massively when you want to pull posts together quickly too.

PLUS templates are brilliant to help you build recognition – your customers will start to recognise that it’s your brand and you posting.

In addition, a Style Guide will help you become consistently consistent. Brand guidelines are like your brand bible to ensure that you have a phenomenal brand that represents colour tones, and fonts, you can list complementary matching fonts and perfect imagery that depicts your brand.

You might want to add words and slogans that sum up your brand to help define your message too.

You Can Customise Everything

Within The Happy Planner family, there are hundreds and hundreds of ways to customize your planner – from expander spine discs to do list pages and pen clips.

My logos are exactly like this – once purchased you can go on to customize each element of your brand using your brand guidelines and my free Canva course.

From Facebook banners to ebooks and business cards – you can fully customize your brand using your HEX codes and fonts.

They Are Affordable

My logos are super affordable. Ready to be personalised by me and emailed your way ready to brand your entire business at a super affordable price.

It’s a no brainer branding solution.

I want to do a little comparison here – a notebook is like your logo for a Fiverr solution.

A journal from Paperchase is like your logo from a junior designer solution and a Happy Planner, which is like next level notebook, journal and business planner on steroids, is like my premade logo shop solution – it’s your way to get a great brand, created by a professional heavyweight branding designer but at a reasonable price – and the best bit is that you can also get next day delivery – just like The Happy Planner!

Helps Improve Your Business

When you have a strong brand:

  • Your customers see you, know you, feel you and recognise that you’re the one for them
  • You have confidence in who you are and the services you offer
  • An image conveys a 1,000 words
  • Pride – you will feel proud if you look professional, it will show you are committed to your business – puff out that chest ladies!
  • Visibility – a well-defined professional look and feel throughout your business including your logo, graphics and website will make you highly visible to prospective clients, it plays a major role in their decision-making process.
  • Appearance – when you have a professionally developed brand identity it allows you to set premium rates for your products and/or services.
  • Differentiation – a well-designed logo and a strong identity will position your business far above the competition in your market – that’s if you have any – remember you are your brand and you are different than anyone else out there on the market… show ’em what you got!

Whether you are designing your products, your services, driving your business forward or creating a logo for your biz, ask yourself if your image and activity clearly communicate the benefit you are offering.

Be you, don’t be anyone else, stand out from the crowd, show your customers your talents and let them know you are open for business – having a brand will allow you to improve your business.

My Happy Planner has allowed me to explore and improve my business in ways I couldn’t even imagine before and it’s improved my business for the better – it helps me show up, plan out social, plan on content, video ideas, blog ideas, sketch logos – I mean everything!

To Round Up

The Happy Planner and my premade logos go hand in hand.

A great logo can add so many benefits to your business – just like the Happy Planner… it will help you:

  • Organise your brand better
  • Look visually beautiful
  • Leap you into action to produce better graphics
  • In turn attracting your customers and ultimately make you more profitable

With my hand on heart I can tell you that my Happy Planner has helped me to grow because it has allowed me to be comfortable with who I am, plus scoping out how much better I can be by adding layers of products and services into my business.

It has exploded my creativity, unlike other planners where I couldn’t customise anything to my own business, I can happily customise my entire planner to suit my business.

Just like my premade logos, it’s allowed me to be myself, allowed me to be creative and allowed me to let my imagination run free – just like my premade logos do.

Now you see how the two are a perfect comparison! Makes sense now, right?

What else can you think of that a great brand and logo bring to your business?

I would love to know in the comments below.

Vicki x

Premade Logos