So, here’s the thing. Good brand design is crucial to the success of your business.

I work mainly with new women in business who need new logos for their businesses and who want to build a beautiful brand which makes them look and feel amazing.

They’ve never had a logo done before, some have never had a business before. For some, it’s the scariest thing ever and for some, it’s super exciting.

Some of the main reasons they come to me:

1. They have no idea about how they start designing their brand or what good brand design actually is.
2. They had a logo done by a friend of a friend and they don’t like it.
3. They had a logo done on a website with the name of an English note of currency or ones like them and they can’t use it an any of the literature because it looks too similar to other brands or it’s too low resolution and unusable.
4. They are women in business and their target market is also women and their logo was done by a man – seriously this quite often has an impact.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a feminist woman wanting to burn her bra and all that malarkey BUT when you choose a designer and designing a brand for your business I would love it if you just take the time to do it right first time and with someone who actually knows their stuff.

Your designer should ask you questions like, who is your target, what are their problems, why do they need to come to you, how do you want your branding and your products and services to make them feel, what brands do you like, why do you like them, what can you do that makes you different, what do people say about you…. the list goes on…

I recently had a conversation with someone about her brand and asked “so your target market is women?”

“No” was her reply

I was baffled.

Her logo was pink flowers, and her target market?  Builders!
The two have no connection.
There was no part of her brand that spoke to her ideal clients. If you market your business from the outset with a look and feel that targets your ideal clients, those clients will be attracted to you.

Make sure you choose a designer who listens, is intuitive and can work out how to make you stand out and attract your customers.
Get it right first time – it will pay off in the long-term.