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Custom affirmation card design
  • Have you been dreaming of creating your own deck of cards but have no idea where to start or where to get them printed?
  • Do you have lots of notes and affirmations written in your journal?
  • Want to increase your income in your business?
  • Haven’t been able to source a printer for your idea?
  • Written down ‘Create my own affirmation card deck’ as one of your goals but don’t know how?
  • Want to create something NOT on the market?
  • Want to reach a bigger audience and sell on multiple platforms? 
  • Want to create a deck of cards that is truly unique to you and you can sell up as part of a online program or to upsell as part of your product line, like journals etc?
custom card deck designer
create your own affirmation cards
Create your own affirmation deck

Vicki is just incredible! I contacted Vicki about creating my card deck and bringing a long-held dream to life and she was simply amazing in every way. She understood what I wanted to achieve and really worked with my ideas to bring them to life; she just has a way of bringing what’s in my head out into the design of the cards with such ease. The process was both efficient and intuitive, and Vicki’s technical skill is just the best. She worked with a real understanding of the purpose of the card deck and was just so approachable, patient, and diligent throughout the whole process, as well as being passionate about making sure they were right for the vision I had. I cannot recommend Vicki highly enough. She brought my dream to life.

Nicola Tonsager

Medium & Mentor

With my custom card design, print and delivered package, you can now create your own deck for your own crowd, expand your customer base, use as part of your group coaching or 1 to 1 work,  create a new income stream, use as part of your courses and expand your product line or business!

I can help you with everything. I’ve sourced an incredible printer and have built a brilliant relationship with them to ensure quality of the cards, box, turnaround, sizes is to highest standard.

Let me help you design the deck you’ve been dreaming about.

The decks I have designed are all very different, ranging from EFT script cards, business tip cards, affirmation cards, Insight Coaching cards, astrology cards, recipe cards – I mean the world is your oyster – anything that you can think of, we can do – your deck will be custom, bespoke and unique.

Custom Card Deck Design & Delivered

I contacted Vicki with a dream of an idea.  I wanted to create an EFT script card deck but didn’t know how to bring my idea to life. From the beginning, it felt like a collaboration.  We talked about the vibe and feeling I wanted from the deck and I turned over the specifics to Vicki.  The design Vicki created blew my mind and makes me smile every time I see them.  It encapsulated everything I wanted and I am so proud of them.  The feedback has been amazing and I already have repeat buyers.  They are the shining star of my product range.

Karen Purnell

Fearless and Free

custom affirmation card design
Custom affirmation deck
Affirmation Card Design

Why I absolutely loved working with Vicki, particularly with my insight cards, is because it was so easy! I went from having an idea, to having the box completed in a short space of time, hassle free. As Vicki is so efficient, and just somehow knows how to create what’s in your head, I had time to get them on pre order and had actually sold the first batch before they were even ready. Vicki is approachable and down to earth, as well as just a complete natural at what she does. This insight pack has been my most enjoyable product launch to date and Vicki had a massive part to play in that. I am looking forward to our next creation together!

Sarie Taylor

Perfectly Imperfect Mind Mentor

custom affirmation card deck design
custom affirmation card design

It was such fun to create these gorgeous Biz Owner’s Boost cards with Vicki. Clients are loving the bite sized business tips and the motivational hugs in a box! Great to promote the business but also as an unusual gift for new clients.

Gilly Woodhouse

Osteobiz Coach

How does it work? 

  1. Initial consultation to find out if I’m the right expert to work with you. I work out which package best suits you and your business.  
  2. When you sign up, I then send you paperwork including a fabulous  questionnaire to really kick start your creative juices, you then send it back for me to review and research before your one to one. 
  3. Your one to one allows us to get clear on who you are, your gifts, your visual style, how you want your card deck to feel and I really get a feel for you and your personality.  
  4. I then undertake research and design mood board concepts to capture the visual direction and feeling of your deck. 
  5. Once a mood board is agreed, the creation of your card design can begin. We design five cards first, then once this is approved we design out the entire deck plus box design (revisions included – 3 rounds max. at the initial design stage before we design the rest of the deck).
  6. Once your deck is finalised, I send back to you for final proofing and checking. 
  7. Once this is checked, the next stage is to prep for print setup.
  8. A digital proof is then sent back for one final check.
  9. Once approved, a physical test deck will be sent directly to an address of your choice. I also have a test deck sent to me.
  10. Following the approval of the test deck, the whole 100 or 200 decks go to final print.
  11. 100 or 200 decks will be sent to you via a courier directly from the printers to the address of your choice.
  12. Delivery normally takes 5-15 working days.
  13. The whole process can take anything between 8-12 weeks.
custom affirmation card design