Create Your Own Card Deck

The All-in-One Course to help you plan, create & print your own card deck.

The Create Your Own Card Deck Course is a really practical, amazingly simple course that walks you through the steps to create your own card from start to finish, including printing, without overloading your brain. And… you’ll know exactly how much all your printing costs will be too.

Jump-start your card making journey today. 


  • Have you always dreamed about creating your own card deck?
  • Whether that be a tarot deck, affirmation card deck, a card game, recipe deck or maybe a business tip deck… any type of card deck at all, the world is your oyster.
  • And you want to design them yourself but haven’t got a clue where to start?
  • Or how to set them up for print?
  • Or even what you would like your cards to look like?
  • And what about style, fonts and where to get all your design assets?
  • And market them? How do I even do that?
  • And pre-sell?
  • And what about those fancy mockups? How do you do them?
  • And where the hell do you get them printed?
  • There are just so many moving parts to consider.
  • In addition, you may not have the budget right now to work with a designer, plus have them printed.
  • Then let me introduce to Create Your Own Card Deck Course…

What will we cover in the Create Your Own Card Deck Course?

Create Your Own Card Deck Course

1. Choices & Considerations

Outline your card deck, getting clear from the outset to make your card creation journey a success

2. Content Creation

Create the correct amount of content for your cards, what to write and how to organise your content

3. Print & Packaging

Options and choices available to you, costings so you know what it’s going to cost to print from the get-go from a UK printer, templates all set up and ready to go in Canva for small, medium and large cards with a box

4. Customise & Design Your Cards

Harmonious images, fonts, colours to design your card deck, where to find them, what to use and how to download your files for print

5. Market like you mean it

A full marketing strategy for you to market your new card deck

Plus Heaps of Bonuses

As a Brand Ambassador for Canva, you will also get access to my first hand knowledge of Canva. All of my branding expertise with extra videos on visual branding, as well as all of my twenty years of printing expertise and knowledge

It’s a module based course of videos, workbooks and templates, we will work through together, week by week. There will also be a Facebook Group where you can ask questions. In addition, there will also be live Q & As with me.

Create Your Own Card Deck Course Outline

  1. Desires, Decisions and Considerations – We cover all of your options
  2. Content Creation – How to organise your content for your card deck
  3. Customise Your Cards – Style, Fonts, Brand, Imagery
  4. Design them – Pulling it all together to create your deck
  5. Printing & Packaging  – How to set up for print with preset up templates all set to go in Canva
  6. Marketing – Strategy plan to see your card deck like you mean it

What kind of card deck will you create?


affirmation card designer

Increase your income in your business

Tick ‘Create my own affirmation card deck’ as one of your goals achieved

Create something that’s NOT on the market

Reach a bigger audience and sell across multiple platforms

It’s time to stop dreaming and bring the card deck you’ve always wanted to create to life

Time to take all of those notes and affirmations written in your journal and turn them into a physical product

Create a deck of cards that is truly unique to you and you can sell up as part of your online program or upsell as part of your product line, like journals, books, etc

I will help you with everything. I’ve sourced an incredible printer in the UK and have built a brilliant relationship with them to ensure quality of the cards, box, turnaround and sizes are to the highest standard.

custom card deck designer

Creating my You Are Enough Coaching Cards is honestly one of the best things that I have done for my business. Having a physical product has been a fabulous way to build connections with potential coaching clients. It has allowed me to differentiate myself in a very crowded market place and I love having a tangible product at a low price point that can help and support people that may not otherwise be able to access my coaching. As every order comes in I get such a thrill knowing that somebody has decided to purchase. I have particularly loved seeing people buy a pack to send on to a friend or colleague and spread the You Are Enough message even further. I’m now starting to receive bulk orders which is fabulous, not just for business but also to make even more connections and spread the message even further.

Nicola Semple


custom affirmation card design

Imagine how amazing it will feel when your clients have your deck in their hands, using your cards for daily guidance, sharing on social, tagging you in their posts, the impact your cards will have on their daily life. It’s a phenomenal feeling.

    Sarie sold out in just a couple of weeks!

    custom affirmation card design