I’m a massive fan of The Deadliest Catch. I’ve been watching it since it started way back in 2005. I can remember the first series vividly. This series, in 2016, is slightly different though. Things are changing. Of course there are new boats and Captains but what I have noticed is the amount of corporate branding these guys now have – seriously! I’m not joking.


From the branded baseball caps, hoodies, jumpers – with the name of the ship down one arm, the arm of course that is most prominent when the camera is on the Captain! As well as branded mugs in the kitchen or galley, all hanging up with logo pointing towards the camera.The pride the Captain took when he wanted to paint the name on the side of his boat – a job allegedly for crew to undertake, but no, he wanted to do it. I even spotted a jacket with a giant sized logo on it, you can spot that a mile off! And they are even more competitive this series. I mean these guys are really going for it. Taking pride in their boat. Pride in the boat they have pledged allegiance to, so much so that they’re wearing the name of it from head to foot.


Corporate Branding is becoming something that everyone does these days no matter what type of business you have or where you are in the world…even out at sea! It’s a serious way to up-level your business and your credibility. It’s about staying ahead of the competition and it’s about standing head and shoulders above them, setting the bar high and attracting your dreamy clients – or Alaskan crab in this case!


It’s 100 per cent what sets you apart and it will help you reflect your personality, style and passion for your business, and when you look professional and feel confident about it, your business then commands a higher price – meaning you can charge more!


What does this mean in real terms?

I actually have branded a few ladies who work for MLMs. They can see the benefits of standing out from all the other leaders. They know that the most powerful tool is branding themselves independently – that message is a clear indication that they are different, they are serious about their business and they are ready to rock people’s worlds.

Of course your brand is so much than the visuals BUT your logo and your branding is the FIRST thing people see when they visit your site, your social media platforms and possibly even your shop. You literally have about six seconds to make the right first impression. Make sure every branding touch point is considered so you make an impression that lasts.

No matter who you are or what you have to offer branding will set you apart from the competition.