Business Breakthrough

Perfect package for you if you: 

  • Are stuck in your business and need to break free from the confusion
  • Need some help, advice and support on where to turn next in your business
  • Brainstorm ideas to get your more clarity, visibility and consistency in your business
  • Need to define and align your messaging
  • Need strategy on how to make your business more profitable and scalable
  • Can’t seem to align all your graphics and get consistent across your branding 
  • Sit down to create and can’t work out what image to use, or font, or colour – or anything for that matter 
  • Can’t find a way to align your values with your branding or create the right emotion from it all
  • Are fed up wasting hours deciding if you need a tagline 
  • Are struggling with DIY design and using Canva, have sat for hours and hours and still haven’t created any actual designs 
  • Are frustrated trying to align and inject personality into your brand – you have no idea where to start 
  • Stuck with choosing colour palettes and fonts – it’s just so confusing 
  • Are lost when choosing imagery for your brand 
  • In a muddle with too many ideas and options for bringing together multiple projects – and can’t decide if it’s a personal brand or an umbrella brand you need – or use the existing one you have – or start a new one!!!! 

“I booked a call with Vicki as I was in need of some guidance with my business goals.  Having been stuck for a year trying to progress new services within my business, after spending a hour with Vicki my mindset completely changed and I started to finally get organised; make some progress when I thought I didn’t have time to work on my business; and begin recognising that running my consultancy was on my own terms – allowing breathing space for the lifestyle I originally wanted.  I think knowing that the (expert) advice Vicki gives is completely from the heart and based on her own experiences, pushed my confidence, changed my outlook: reducing procrastination – all of which are now helping me to achieve and deliver my business goals.  Thanks Vicki❣️”

Caroline Graham, CG Safety

This package is £245 and includes…

  • A laser focused 90-minute call, either via phone or video to help you bust through your business dilemma or confusion, and move you forward.
  • Within this time you’ll have a step by step plan to boost your brand and take your business to the next level.
  • Use my business strategy, marketing and branding expertise to identify how to move you forward 
  • Help you develop an action plan 
  • Advise you on your visual branding if you’re stuck
  • Guide and help you on what tools, tips and strategies to help your brand reach its full potential   
  • Identify what the real underlying reason is that’s holding you back from getting to grips with your branding 
  • Get you excited about working within your brand and business again 
  • Get you aligned and out of business overwhelm 

Thanks so much for today, I can already feel the brain fog lifting and really feel you hit on something I hadn’t seen- that my confidence was knocked from the job change last year.  I have basically felt rubbish about that business since I finished working with them!

All of the things we spoke about really helped and I now feel excited to find a font, build a logo and get the metallic colours!!!!

Laura Llewellyn, Laura Llewellyn Design

“THANK YOU!!!!!!!! (that doesn’t cover the gratitude I’m feeling for you right now but it’ll save you spending all afternoon being attacked by my loving enthusiasm for what you have achieved in this last hour! 🤣). EEEEEEEEEEEE (I’ve mostly just been squeaking and looking at that image since I got off the call from you – I feel like it’s not too early for wine to celebrate!!!! haha!). I love it, I cannot possibly see how sleeping on it could make than any more or less perfect, let’s lock that in with the Virtual Business Support! I 100% know I’m still gonna wake up tomorrow, and sunday, and Monday and squeak at it! I now want to self isolate without the kids for a week to rebrand the shit out of my website and create my free resources and everything else I’ve been saving in my head because the purple has kept me stuck!!!! Honestly, you are crazy-good!!!! 😍. I have no words, you are insanely appreciated and loved! Please know that my thank you could not EVER cover what I’m feeling right now!! hahah!!! LOVE IT (total understatement!)”… then an update… “Just a quick message to let you know… I’ve actually had SO much fun planning my own content tonight! I’ve NEVER done that with any enthusiasm before! Thanks to the gorgeous templates you designed for me! MWAH!

Kristina Smith, Kristina Smith, Virtual Business Support

“I LOVE MY BRAND!!! Everything is so much easier now. No more faffing.. bish bash bosh done!! Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you. I’m now officially a member of the ‘I’ve Been Vicki’d Club’.”

Jenny Howarth, Unleash Your Sparkle

“My coaching with Vicki has made me realise I can do what I want to do in my business after all – although I have been stuck with the thought that can’t do it “cos’ x, y and z does this.” Then I stopped myself and thought again, we are all different. Vastly different. Vicki made me realise this. I now have the energy and motivation to go forth with my business idea and make it come to life. Vicki gave me tools and the strategy I need to start the shift and I feel incredible about it all now. I have worked out my business name from speaking with Vicki too – it was so obvious but I couldn’t see it. If you need clarity around your business, then Vicki is the one for you – she’s not only motivating and inspiring but encouraging and so insightful too.” 

Tracey Baxter, The Pretty Pink Flamingo Agency

“I recently had an awesome Brand Breakthrough call with Vicki. I liked my branding and logo, but it all still felt a little flat and ‘off’ and I’d ended up defaulting to a plain text logo and just one colour from my colour palette – my Pinterest account was just a sea of lime green! 😂 . OMG – the call was amazing! Vicki just ‘got’ what was wrong and gave me some great suggestions to overcome it. She took my colour palette and helped brighten it up, so I could move forward.

Taking her advice I incorporated some of my beautiful colours into my branding and generally put ‘me’ into it all. I feel like I can finally let the inner child out and I’m now gradually adding more colourful, personal touches to my website and social media – and I’ve created a beautiful sparkly new logo too! It’s magic how one call with an expert can breathe new life into you, your business and your branding! I know that if I have any questions, she’s there on hand, to help point me in the right direction. I’m so grateful for Vicki for her insight, patience and clear guidance – she’s an absolute star! ❤️

Sarah White, Copy & Content Creator