branding course
  • Catapult your brand with Branding 101.
  • Grab your customer’s attention.
  • Gain clarity about who you are as a brand.
  • Spark your customer interest.
  • Position yourself effectively.
  • Stand out and shine online.
  • Explore what makes you different.
  • Create your brand personality.
  • Define your brand style.
  • Define your values.
  • Learn the basics of fonts, colour, style and logo types to help you choose the right combination for your brand.
  • Build a framework to help you connect, focus and differentiate yourself. 
branding course


It’s a jargon-free and non-confusing mini-course for new or evolving entrepreneurs. You’ll learn what branding is, how to connect with your audience, how you make them feel, and how to turn your brand value into building relationships and turn those into loyal, paying customers.



What’s Inside…


  • Branding Foundations 30 Minute Masterclass – explaining everything for you to build a banging brand – values, personality, style, positioning, consistency, what a captivating beautiful visual brand consists of.
  • Brand colour guide.
  • Brand font guide.
  • Brand foundations fillable workbook.
  • Consistency checklist.
  • Brand assets checklist.
  • The design process is explained – so you will understand it when it comes to working with a designer.


All of this to help you lay the foundations of your brand. So you’ll know who you are, what you want to look like, and discover your values to launch your brand, revisit your branding if you’ve lost your way.


branding foundations course
branding foundations course
This is for you if:
  • You want your business to make the right first impression.
  • Connect with your customers and turn them into paying ones.
  • You’re a new entrepreneur, new business coach, virtual assistant, creative, 
  • You are looking to start up your business but no idea what branding is, why you need it and what it will do for your business.
  • You want your brand to look professional, and represent YOU.
  • You want a brand that attracts, captivates and converts.
  • If you’ve watched heaps of videos and branding and find it all so confusing and a little overwhelming. This easy-to-understand course if for you because I break it down for you in nice little bite-sized pieces.
  • Ideal for you if you are a business owner and feel you may have strayed from the path a little – this will put you right back on track! It’s a class you can come back to every time you feel you’ve lost the way in your branding,