If you haven’t had your photoshoot yet for your business then I have some how to stay on brand photography tips to help you get the best out of your big day.

I do 100% recommend having professional head shots taken for your business. I did this when I was almost due to launch and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made.

I use these over and over and mix them up. I am not a serious person – I can be a bit daft, so serious corporatey head-shots wouldn’t work.

Decide with your photographer first what the tone of your photos will be.

I would advise you find a photographer you feel comfortable with too, remember some of your shots can taken up close and personal. Use your brand colours in your brand photoshoot and know exactly what your brand stands for and tell your photographer too.

How to stay on brand in your photos:

1. Figure out if you want indoor and outside shots? What colours would work for you? Where outside is very ‘you’. Is there grafitti in the park and you have a logo that reflects that vibe? Do you draw on the beach regularly – go there and draw.

2. What about pattern? Do you have zig-zags in your logo? Wear a top or trousers which incorporates that design. Is your logo orange? Sit on an orange chair. Green in your logo? Go outside and run/walk in the park. Is there a pink umbrella in your logo? Go buy one and use it as a prop.

3. Practice your face and expressions – something I didn’t do and I should have done! Think Tyra Banks modelling 101! If you are a smiley person – smile – lots, laugh even more.

4. Your clothing –   How will you get this across? Will it be the clothes you wear? If you are bubbly wear clothes that reflect that. If you believe in ethical work practices and clothing manufacturing, wear clothes that you believe in and stand by.

Your images will help to build your brand and your brand loyalty so these should reflect your personality. Just be you. It’s the most attractive type of brand. There is only one of you. And even if you offer the same service and products as lots of others in your field, you have something totally different to offer – that is fact. In the words of Five Star (yes, I was a Five Star fan!)

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. Be you, let go and have fun.