When it comes to branding, it’s essential to brand your business like you REALLY mean business. Let’s look at why…

1. It gives a good impression
2. It makes you look professional
3. It will make you more successful
4. It conveys the excitement about your services and products
5. It will win you more work

Many smaller businesses don’t brand because they have this idea that it’s only larger companies that need it or can afford it.

I have worked in the past with a lovely lady who was a hairdresser, she had no leaflets, no business cards and she mainly got work on referral but she needed more business. She needed to brand her business!

She came to me and we branded her business – flyers, biz cards, prices lists and she did a mail drop in her local town. She booked out within a week.

If you look the part people believe in you.

Whilst all the other elements of your brand like values, reputation, trust and satisfaction are all intangible elements of your brand, your branding identity on the other hand is one of the more tangible elements that people interact with.

Ready to brand your business?  I want you to go away and really have a good look at your current brand you have and do the following:

1. Ask yourself if it hits the mark right now?
2. Does it feel right?
3. Does it give you confidence in your business?
4. Does it attract the right customers?
5. Did you ask your mum, dad, brothers and sisters what they thought? Oh my! I will come back to this tomorrow!
6. Does it have personality?
7. Will it last for the next five years and still look current?
8. Does it make you stand out from the competition?
9. Does it look unique?

What needs to happen now if it isn’t working for you?