Let’s talk about brand visibility….

which seems to be a common theme at the moment. In the last week, and during my free branding consultations, the thing that has come up the most is the fear of being visible.

Online visible that is.

“But what if my work-colleagues see me having a side business?”
“I don’t want to place my photo in my profile, then people will know it’s me”
“I’m not comfortable with friends seeing what I do”

“I don’t want to use my own name in my brand name”


Just a few of the words I have heard this week alone.

So here’s the thing… 
  • People connect with people – not a logo in your profile photo.
  • People connect with your back story. Your brand story if you like.
  • People connect and engage if they know there is someone behind the brand.
  • People connect with you when you show off your talents, your artwork, your knowledge and want to know how you can help them.

Confidence, or lack of it, is the little blighter that stops your from wanting to be visible – FACT.

How do I know? Well, because I’ve been there myself.

I must have spent weeks trying to come up with a business name, one that didn’t have my name in it. The lack of confidence in my ability and my talent is what held me back. BUT I knew I wanted to help other women to brand with confidence and I knew that with a combination of my branding expertise and my visual branding skills I could that – only me. So it was obvious really to use my name.

Not only that, I don’t outsource any of my designs. I do these all myself. When I say you work one-to-one with me, you do actually get to work one-to-one with me.


In brief then:
  1. Use your own name to differentiate yourself – go google your name. How many have the same name as you. If there are lots then do what I did and combine it with a biz name too – Vicki Nicolson – Branding Therapy – simple.
  2. In a crowded market your name can be key when making you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Putting your name to your business makes you look passionate – you love it so god damn much you put your name to it!
  4. Sod what everyone else thinks, really sod them, this is your business and your passion – who cares what they think.
  5. Don’t listen to your family when they tell you that you should ‘get a real job’. What do they know? No one in you family has ever worked for them self or lived their own dream so this is totally pushing you and your families beliefs outside everyone’s comfort zones.
  6. If you make hand-made crafts and designs then it’s you doing it – you offer a personal service – show your tribe the person behind the creations.
  7. Do you actually think that ALL your friends and family are watching you that closely? No, they are all getting on with there own stuff. Seriously they really are.


If you feel like now is the time to step up then take a deep breath in and I want you to brand yourself and do business like you mean it. It’s now your time to shine. Go out there and be brand visible.

Imagine if you look back in 20 years time with regret. Regretting not branding your business properly, regretting that you never stuck your photo in your profile because of what people might say or never getting the chance to tell people how you changed people’s lives and made people happy with your creations, your products and your services.

So now is the time to start. Start making positive changes in your business. Start shining. Starting living your dream and start being visible.

Half the time the fear of being visible is what holds many women back from branding their businesses.

Visual branding is like the official seal of, ‘Yay I’m in business and my shop is now open’ and whilst it’s scary it’s the most exciting and the most fun part. It’s where your tone, mood, voice, messages, look and feel take shape and it’s also when you actually start believing in your self and your business.

So take take a deep breath in and go for it. It’s all yours for the taking.

Check out my other blog posts to get more info on how to increase your visibility and how to brand your business like you really mean business.

Vicki x