Being visible and getting your brand out there can be scary – having a clear brand strategy can help. 

It was the scariest thing I have ever done going ‘live’. I’d sat behind my desk for the last 20 years working in corporate, the whole visibility thing scared the living daylights out of me. But I knew I had to do it to build my brand.

Your brand strategy should be at the centre of everything you do, from the blogs you write, the tagline you create, aftercare, your logo, how you respond online to people’s comments… you are being assessed on a regular basis by your tribe – brand visibility is all encompassing.

You need to be consistent in your branding. Follow my top tips on being brand consistent:

– Use your logo on everything you push out.

– Make sure your logo is easily identifiable so your tribe recognise you instantly.

– People love the new inspirational/funny/sarcastic text, quotes and photo memes. They appeal to many and if people like it, they share it, from you, increasing your visibility, and maybe even get you a few likes!

– Be your brand – talk, write, think and act like your brand – if someone was to meet you for the first time, are you how they imagined you to be?

– Develop a short and sweet slogan that strengthens your brand

– Be consistent in your colour choices, if you are a life coach then purples, pinks and teals feel more heartfelt than they would if you used primary red, blue and yellow which are better used across children’s marketing.

– Assess your brand on a regular basis to ensure you are being cohesive.

– Be consistent in what you blog about, I like writing about branding, logos, style, design and look and feel. If I wrote about horses one day then you’d be thinking… what the hell is she going on about? If you confuse your target audience, you will lose them.

– Go back and look at your reason of going into business and the reasons behind your brand, get inside the head of your target customers and make sure everything you do is for them. This is what will make you unique and make all the above flow.

Just remember who you are and what you do. Speak the language of you, be consistent and build your beautiful brand.