8 top content marketing tools to make you more creative

Staying creative and keeping your social media fresh and captivating, can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what content marketing tools exist or how to make the most of your existing content.

You do not always have to be creating new fresh content. You can create new content too. But why create new when you already have around 2000 pieces of content in the bag?

You can repurpose your existing content by injecting a new twist.

Today’s blog is full of DIY design, graphics, design tech tips, tricks and tools.

I am going to show you 8 of the top content marketing tools to make your social and online content more creative.

All of which will help your content creation easier and cut down your time – I don’t know about you, but I am all about saving time, using what you have and injecting a new passion for creating!

Let’s dig into the 8 top content marketing tools to make you more creative:

1. Introchamp

At the click of a button animate your logo for videos.

If you have ever wanted to have a cool animated logo for your video intro out outro, then Introchamp is a brilliant website that will help you do just that in minutes.


It allows you to upload your logo, add text and it will animate it all to music.

You can choose from hundreds of styles.

Have fun and give a go!

2. A Design Kit

A Design Kit is an incredible app that allows you to create your social posts in minutes.

With loads of different brushes, markers and pencils to choose from, you can create your own drawing, then simply resize and colour to your own branding. In addition,, overlay text, choosing from over 30 fonts.

There are loads of illustrated stickers to choose from – flowers, crystals, fruits, stars, rainbows – there are tons.

As well as shapes, lines which loads of textures, metallics, gradients and so much more!

You can keep overlapping all your elements to create your unique collage.

Excellent for reviving an old photo or social media inspirational quote you have saved on your phone – you can add lots of new elements to breathe new life into or create a new stories template.

This really is a super fun app – so do have fun with it!

I believe it’s only available for iPhone at present.

3. Wordswag

If you already have social media templates or your stories templates saved to your phone then you can use those in WordSwag however they do also have an extensive library of photos and templates to choose from too.

It has filters, dozens of fonts options, loads of different layout options, integrated quotes already there, or use your own – your choice.

Plus they also have a metallic text feature too which is perfect for you if you have a gold, silver, bronze or rose gold logo and you find it difficult to recreate that affect yourself (some apps and DIY design software are fairly limited).

Once you are done designing you can overlay your logo at the end and then upload directly to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Save a version of your logo to your phone with a transparent background – I save mine in favourites so I can access it quicker.

The beauty of this app – it’s available for Android and iPhone.

This is the app I used when I went on holiday to NZ for a few weeks – I just used this when I was inspired to do a post – it’s so simple and brilliant!

4. Canva – background remover tool – FOR PAID FOR PRO USERS

Without a doubt Canva is my recommended, go-to tool for easy online graphic design. It’s an amazing design platform that enables pretty much anyone with a keen eye and a bit of tech savvy to be a graphic designer. Hurray!

It’s free, yes, you read that correctly. They do also have what they call ‘Canva Pro’ at around £10 a month, but the free version has SO many features that you don’t need it if you’re just starting out. Available on desktop and app.

You can upload your own photos, graphics, branding and any existing templates you’ve created to add filters and effects.

They also have an incredible new background remover tool too. Reuse your older photos and add textured backgrounds to create all new content.

Check out the tutorial here…

If you have never used Canva before or if you have missed a lot of the updates they have rolled out recently then my FREE masterclass is for you. In the class I cover Canva tips, tricks and walkarounds. 

Click HERE to access the FREE masterclass.

5. Create a Pin from your blogs

For example…. I turned THIS BLOG  …into this pin…

Create A Pin from Your Blog

Here’s how:

1. Go to Canva.
2. Select the Pin template option.
3. Copy and paste parts of your blog into the pin.
4. Brand with your fonts, colours and website.

Download for pinterest, add to your blog, post on social, pop on your newsletter… do what you wish with whatever you want…

What does this do…

1. Save heaps of time.
2. Allows you to create something new from old.
3. Make a whole new piece of marketing.
4. Allows you to add some fresh new creativity into your marketing.

6. StorySwag

From the creators of WordSwag above, they also have an app that allows you to create super quick videos. When I say quick, I really mean quick.

Check this one out I made…

I used the images available within the app. Added my own words. Selected a video style – there are lots of styles to choose from. Added in my logo, which I already have saved in my favourites on my phone camera roll. That was it.

It’s so simple and straightforward to use.

Great for insta stories and little videos just like this one. Brilliant also if you’re not a fan of doing face to camera videos but want to add movement into your newsfeed or social.

I did also create this video to showcase my logos from my logo shop…

I simple saved the logos from my site onto my camera roll and added them in to the app, applied the style, the music, the wording and boom – created in minutes!

This app costs around £4.99 a month – I did notice that when I don’t use it I don’t get charged – so one month I didn’t use it at all and then when I used it the next time, I was charged, so it clearly is almost like a pay as you go! Bonus!

7. What The Font!

Is a tool I go back to time and time again. It’s a font identifier – brilliant – if, like me, you are a font geek.

This tool helps your identify a font you’ve maybe had your eye on or come across on your newsfeed or social.

You can take a screen grab, run it through their auto tool or proceed to ask an expert – the experts are incredible.

Fonts are very personal. Choices vary massively from person to person and they really can add so much personality to your branding. They can lift a social media post and when done right, stop people in their scroll.

I know that when it comes to picking fonts for your brand it can often feel like wading through treacle. There are soooooooooo many to choose from and picking just the right ones that go together can be confusing.

So here’s a couple of tips to help you pick just the right fonts, so you can make font choice so much easier and quicker.

1️⃣ Limit yourself to two fonts for your logo design – one for the main font and one for the tagline.
2️⃣ Pick a yin and yang font – two opposite styles of font – one script and one plainer font or one plain and one more elaborate.
3️⃣ Use fonts from the same family. So for instance… Vayentha is a free font and comes in 2 styles – making is so much easier for you to combine the two.
4️⃣ In a nutshell, choose one font that has heaps of personality and mix it with another that contrasts and is more sophisticated or demure in nature – it’s all about balance when picking fonts.

Buying fonts can be quite expensive, from around £10 upwards to £400. Here I’ve listed some of the best sites you can download font from and are 100% Commercial Free fonts.

😍 Font Squirrel: https://www.fontsquirrel.com

😍DaFont: http://www.dafont.com – remember to select 100% option on the search

😍 Hype for Type: https://www.hypefortype.com – sign up to their newsletter to get 30 free fonts. Remember to check the licenses on how you can use. You may have to pay to use it for your business but not for personal use – just check to be sure.

😍 Hungry Jpeg: https://thehungryjpeg.com – they give free fonts away weekly and monthly for commercial use. Sign up to take advantage of this.

😍 Google Fonts: https://fonts.google.com – brilliant for your website – all the google fonts are designed in such a way that they are fully optimised for mobile viewing and view correctly across all browsers

😍 1001 Fonts: http://www.1001fonts.com/free-fonts-for-commercial-use.html – a paid for website but this link take you directly to the free commercial fonts

😍 Urban Fonts: http://www.urbanfonts.com/free-fonts.htm – this link takes you directly to the free fonts – again check the licenses just in case a sneaky paid for one made its way in.

😍 Font Spring: https://www.fontspring.com/free – this link takes you directly to the free fonts – again check the licenses just in case a sneaky paid for one made its way in.

I’ve also listed a whole host of font combinations and ideas here: 3 Different Types of Logo Design Ideas

TOP TIP: Have fun with your fonts – but don’t go crazy!

8. ColourSplurge App

The ColorSplurge App allows you recolour your photo. I bet you’ve seen those great photos that are all grey but only one person is in full colour, or one hot air balloon all brightly coloured and all the rest are grey scaled – or you may have seen a photo of someone in grey scaled but their eyes are coloured?

Using this app can help you replicate this effect.

top content marketing tools

It’s so power and truly captivating when created right.

You do have to use your finger to recolour the parts of the photo you want coloured and vice versa – you just need to be a bit careful.

Fantastic for repurposing old photos and giving them a new zing!

To round up…

I hope you enjoyed my 8 top content marketing tools to make you more creative.

I suggest to go through your older blogs and content and give it a new lease of life using these great content marketing tools.

The power of each of these tools as stand alone tools is powerful.

However, you can also combine all of these apps and tools to create your unique content too.

For example combine the effects from Canva effects tool or background remover and pop your new images into the StorySwag App or combine your imagery created in ColorSplurge with a creation within A Design Kit – there really are endless possibilities.

What will you try this year to make your content stand out?

Ready to get creating – go have a play, and as always – have fun creating!

Happy branding,

Vicki Nicolson Branding Strategist & Stylist



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