Here are my 5 tips to speed up your brand evolution process

1. Be your biggest fan. Get out there and network your ass off to brand success. Get involved in your local networking groups – I just joined one here in my area – then found out that it allows me FREE membership to another network too. If you are your biggest brand cheerleader then you let everyone know about your brand – don’t be timid about it – get your name out there.


2. Become known as an expert and speed up the brand evolution process as a result of continual exposure to your ideal customers. Write articles, blogs and stories about your field of expertise and tag your brand to the end of each article. You can write for anyone and journalists are desperate for news worthy stories these days. They trawl Twitter rather than leaving their desks these days. Try and get featured in blogs, podcasts, newsletters etc.


3. Be consistent in your brand. Create a central look and feel. Your brand should include a memorable and easily identifiable logo, colour scheme, font type and style. Use this across all your designs, from FB pages, to biz cards, memes, letterheads, twitter cover, exhibition stands, advertising… brand it like you mean it!


4. Clearly define your place in the market. So for instance, I know there are a lot of Branding Strategists out there, but they don’t design. I am the full package, I do the discovery and the advice and the strategy and I deliver final products to bring your business to life. I give continued support for marketing, communications and design and I have almost 20 years of experience to boot. I don’t even know what a branding strategist does, especially if they don’t actually deliver an actual end product, “Here’s your brand strategy – now go find people who can do it for you, cause I can’t” – it baffles me! Work out what makes you different, what sets you apart?


5. Be hands on in your brand. It’s like a fine manicure, it requires attention, maintenance and sometimes a completely new design. If you leave that manicure for a few months it could take years to get your nails back in pristine condition. Your brand is no different. It requires hands on management so that you continue to be on your customers lips, minds and in their consciousness on a daily basis. Be prepared to look after your brand. Be consistent. Turn up daily. Do the work. Why do you think Nike spend so much money on advertising? It’s to remain known. It’s the same for your online biz, post everyday, 2-3 times a day if need be. Mingle in groups. Get your name out there, advertise and be in it for the long haul.