13 creative ways to use social media templates plus 80 Christmas Post ideas!

As a busy entrepreneur I understand the need to be able to get to grips and find new ways to use social media posts quickly and easily, especially when you have a genius idea and it leaps you into inspired action.

The rise of digital and social media in the last decade has been incredible for online entrepreneurs.

The opportunities and advantages that have arisen for us to share our gifts with the world across the many free streams of social media platform is incredible.

The only downside of having multiple platforms and being a one man/woman entrepreneur – it can lead to constant content creation! Yikes I hear ya!

In this day and age, visual content is almost 100% of your business – regardless of what type of business you have. So it makes total sense for online entrepreneurs to take advantage of this digital decade to up level your business.

There are many platforms (Canva, Picmonkey, Easil) and designers, like myself, that have made content creation a breeze by creating pre-designed social media templates for you.

Ready to go social media post templates are an ace way to create quickly, look consistent, take inspired action, create easily and promote your business with joy.

You may use social media templates currently in your business for only one purpose but today on the blog I am going to show you how else the can be used.

It’s a multi-purpose/multi-tasking/multi-platform extravaganza today…

So what can you use your social media templates for?

Here’s 13 creative ways to use social media templates:

  1. For your promotions: to celebrate your birthday, Christmas, years in business, specials offers, and bonuses… any promotion that you are running.
  2. Testimonials from clients: copy and paste one sentence specifically that packs a punch and creates a reaction and impact, and pop the rest of the testimonial within your actual post.
  3. Your own quotes/ beliefs/ opinions/ questions: to spark conversation, get feedback and engagement
  4. Inspirational quotes: from famous people designed to inspire and motivate. Check out this website here for incredible quotes https://www.thegoldenquotes.net/
  5. Product/service showcases: pop an image of your product or service or a photo of yourself (great for one to one promotion), product name and price on the social media template. Then pop your text content and link in the actual content of the post to drive traffic to your site. Remember to highlight the benefits of your products and services!
  6. Within newsletters: if you’re doing a promotional newsletter pop those promotional posts you’ve created for your social platforms, into your newsletter with a link on the image to drive direct traffic to your website.
  7. Use within your blogs: again – use to promote your products and services, or highlight quotes or testimonials – the beauty of one post means that you can create multiple pieces of content from it – it’s not single use it’s multipurpose and can be used in so many ways.
  8. Pin them!: Self-explanatory. If you use your social media templates with your blog you can pin it. Or actually turn your posts into pins. You may have a ‘Quotes’ board or a ‘Services’ board or a ‘Blog’ board. Whatever you have use your square social media templates as Pins. Pins can be in any size – they don’t always have to be long.
  9. On Twitter – make sure the text is in the middle of your graphic as it seems to cut off any text on the top and bottom when scrolling the feed.
  10. Instagram feed: With any of the ideas above – see points 1-5. Also watch the tutorial below on how creating one social media template means you can use it consistently everywhere and across all platforms.
  11. Post to LinkedIn: again self-explanatory. Any of the ideas 1-5.
  12. Quotes from your blogs: Pull out quotes from blogs you’ve written and create your own inspirational quote posts – as quoted by… You! Then link back to your blog in your post to drive traffic to it again highlighting your quote you said and give your followers a reason to go read your blog.
  13. Use to promote your blogs: as above but paste the title of your blog into the main text on your social media template.

They are so versatile! How ace are all the ways to use social media templates? They’re not just a one post wonder, they can be used in so many ways.

Christmas Post Ideas  how to use templates for social media   Christmas post ideas


Remember to add your website or logo to every single one.


Imagine if your post is shared and then shared and shared again… and it goes viral… with your logo and website on?! Imagine! Wow! #fabulous


The One Size Fits All Social Media Template Tutorial…

In this tutorial I highlight just how incredible it is when you create a one size social media post and the different ways to use social media templates…

Great right!

Apps and Software to customise and use your social media templates

By far my most favourite app to create my social media posts is…


If you have social media templates, you can simply save to your camera roll on your phone.

They do also have an extensive library of photos too.

It has filters, dozens of fonts options, loads of different layout options, integrated quotes already there, or use your own – your choice.

Plus they also have a metallic text feature too which is perfect for you if you have a gold, silver, bronze or rose gold logo and you find it difficult to recreate that affect yourself (some apps and DIY design software are fairly limited).

Once you are done designing you can overlay your logo at the end and then upload directly to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Save a version of your logo to your phone with a transparent background – I save mine in favourites so I can access it quicker.

The beauty of this app – it’s available for Android and iPhone.

This is the app I used when I went on holiday to NZ for a few weeks – I just used this when I was inspired to do a post – it’s so simple and brilliant!


Without a doubt Canva is my recommended, go-to tool for easy online graphic design. It’s an amazing design platform that enables pretty much anyone with a keen eye and a bit of tech savvy to be a graphic designer. Hurray!

It’s free, yes, you read that correctly. They do also have what they call ‘Canva Pro’ at around £10 a month, but the free version has SO many features that you don’t need it if you’re just starting out. Available on desktop and app. You can find out all about how to use Canva here.

Top 5 tips to help creating incredible social media posts

  1. Text aligned: and not stacked and staggered making impossible to fathom what word you want me to read next. Keep it simple, left, centred or right aligned.
  2. Contrast colour: when using words on coloured backgrounds use a contrasting colour i.e. dark purple use white text; redcurrant background use a mustard yellow, white or black text,; navy background use white, a bright teal or yellow; white background use a one of your deeper tones from your branding. Avoid Subtle Tints of text colour or a similar coloured background – or we won’t be able to read it. Use a more punchy colour to create contrast or when in doubt use black, white or very dark navy, green or purple.
  3. 3. Readable and legible: choose your fonts wisely and always consider two things – the size of your text (is it readable from far away) and a legible font – many script fonts can be very difficult to read, use a sprinkle of script fonts here and there and use a plainer font for larger chunks of text.
  4. Pair fonts: that marry and well. Combine script fonts with plainer fonts to create balance and contrast. Try not to mix two of the same type of fonts together. Two of the same type don’t really go all that well together – it’s like they fight against one another visually making them difficult to read. Use just one font that makes an impact and injects that element of vitality or impact to your text and combine it with a more classic, cleaner or refined font.
  5. Punchy and to the point: Avoid using loads and loads of text within your social media template. You literally have a few seconds to stop people in their tracks. Stop them scrolling by grabbing their attention. The fewer words the better.

Get creative this Christmas…

So how will social media templates help you in your business and over Christmas?

The benefits are incredible…

  1. Save time – batch create all in one go
  2. Brilliant for the organised entrepreneur to schedule your social media posts in advance and have some well-deserved time off over the holiday season!
  3. Once created, schedule them all in one go across your social media platforms
  4. This will allow you to market whilst on holidays so you’re always top of your customer’s mind
  5. Make sales whilst on holiday – genius right!
  6. Visibility over the holidays whilst your potential customers are chilling with wine or cup of tea in hand and scrolling
  7. Consistency in your marketing

Tempting Templates for the Holiday Season

I’ve created incredible Christmas social media templates for you to download and go. Visit the shop here.

Just download, add your logo, website, quotes, promos – everything l listed above at the beginning and start creating today so you can schedule it all in.

Imagine having all your social media posts creating, organised and scheduled today so you can have some well-deserved time off over the holidays and still be promoting, visible and consistent in your marketing?

It’s all possible. Visit the shop to take a peek… and even better than that check out the 80 Christmas post ideas below to simply copy and paste into your Christmas social media templates.

Each one is meant to increase your engagement, get to know your customers better, drive sales and spark conversation. Tailor each one to your own business and remember to try and link back to your brand message.


80 Christmas Post Ideas

  1. Time to sparkle and shine!
  2. Tis the season to be grateful – ask your followers what they are grateful for
  3. Scarves, gloves, boots, front, crisp air, hoodies, snoods, mulled wine, cinnamon pine cones, late night shopping… it’s gotta be Christmas!
  4. Merry Christmas from all of us …….
  5. Cold night. Large Sweater. Warm Tea (or coffee). My favourite book. Bed socks. And a bar of chocolate.
  6. Are you off to pantomime this year?
  7. Thank you for supporting my/our lovely business this year!
  8. Happy New Year. Here’s to an awesome New Year!
  9. Hot chocolate anyone?
  10. Are you rocking around the Christmas tree this year? Ask if they are off to any parties
  11. Celebrate Christmas with …..% off until……
  12. Naughty or Nice?
  13. What’s your ultimate gift?
  14. What been the best part of your year?
  15. What’s your favourite Christmas song?
  16. What’s your most favourite Christmas decoration?
  17. Online shopper or hit the high street?
  18. Best advent calendar you’ve seen?
  19. If you could write a letter to Santa what would it say?
  20. What’s your favourite Christmas movie
  21. Post what you are working over the holidays
  22. Share your new year goals
  23. Christmas song lyrics – pull out a line or two and link back to your brand message
  24. Perfect gifts this Christmas
  25. Happy Holidays
  26. Relax, unwind, chill, eat and be merry
  27. Do you have an elf on the shelf?
  28. Secret Santa ideas – let’s have them
  29. Do you have a Christmas day outfit?
  30. Survival tips (specific to your expertise) during the Christmas season – i.e. fitness instructor… how to keep fit over the holidays
  31. I deserve an Oscar for the surprise on my face every morning when we go to see what the elf has done!
  32. Celebrate with those you love this Christmas
  33. Discount promotion for new year sales
  34. Share charities you’ve donated to this year
  35. A 12 days of Christmas run down – maybe your promotions or top tips
  36. Advent calendar posts – 24 tips within your industry
  37. Testimonials from customers… share it with a Christmas spin… we’ve been really good this year, check out what …………….…(name of business or customer) had to say about us earlier this year.
  38. Stocking filler ideas. Think of your lower priced offerings and remind your customers they can give the gift of one of your products or services – even if you are a digital business – remind people they can gift one of your courses or membership.
  39. Elf on the shelf? Yay or Nay?
  40. Share your Christmas jumper sweater
  41. Can’t wait to get all dressed up to sit in my living room this Christmas!
  42. Share an ace family Christmas tradition
  43. Share your favourite Christmas recipe
  44. Share a holiday gif
  45. Merry Christmas one and all
  46. Favourite Christmas party game
  47. Favourite board game
  48. Show us your Christmas tree
  49. What’s on your Santa list this year?
  50. Share your lessons from the year gone by
  51. Share a photo of you/team wearing some fabulous Christmas headwear
  52. Do you have a family Christmas card?
  53. What’s your one big time saving Christmas hack?
  54. Who are you spending Christmas with this year?
  55. Favourite Christmas carol?
  56. Party tips
  57. Favourite Christmas book?
  58. Favourite Christmas food?
  59. Christmas giveaway
  60. Who’s’ the most difficult person to shop for on your Christmas list?
  61. When do you start listening to Christmas songs?
  62. Type Christmas and your name into the GIF bar
  63. Describe your perfect Christmas day
  64. What present will you get this year?
  65. What goes on your tree first lights or ornaments?
  66. Promote your products/services straight after Christmas – it might be just what one of your followers is after
  67. Be the solution– didn’t get what was on your list to Santa this Christmas? Promote your products/services
  68. We’re feeling super merry – get …………..% off your order.
  69. Host a virtual Christmas party
  70. Christmas movie quote. Find a few quotes from Christmas movies and get your followers to guess which films they are from.
  71. Name three things people put in a tree
  72. Have a holly jolly Christmas
  73. Love, peace, joy, happiness, Christmas
  74. Dear Santa, I can explain
  75. Dear Santa, it’s a loooooooong story
  76. Be naughty, save Santa the trip
  77. Santa saw your social media photos and you’re getting clothes and a bible this Christmas
  78. Dear Santa I was better than my sister/brother
  79. Dear Santa, please see my Pinterest boards
  80. Santa has the right idea – visit people only once a year

Over to you

What’s your favourite take away from this blog?

Will you be trying something different this year?

Or have you already bought some of the Christmas Social Media Templates from my shop – I’d love to see what you are creating!

Happy holidays!

Vicki x